Let's be clear, today you are engaging a fully qualified licensed Builder. With over 25 years of experience in the construction and building industry, we should be your number one choice.
By engaging Key Building Consultants, you can be assured that defects found in your future home will be assessed by technicians that have experienced such defects over a 25 year period and;

We have experience diagnosing defects, first hand.

We have experience dismantling and repairing defects, first hand.

We have experience  analysing defects and seeking the reccomendations of engineers, architects, designers, hygienists and certifiers.

This gives a deep understanding of many types of defects, their costs and cosmetic adjustments after repairs have been completed. It also allowed us to visualise building components as they deteriorate or become structurally damaged. This offers an unique perspective not able to be taught in a classroom or boardroom to inexperienced building inspectors.  


Amongst ongoing building consultancy training we are extensively involved with house modification building works for frail and recently disabled people through the federal and state funded HACC program so our experience and knowledge is constantly expanding on an already extensive skill set.  Key Building Consultants inconjunction with Choice Additions is currently still building high-quality extensions, renovations, new buildings and house modifications for the general public and projects funded by the Government. 


You as a purchaser, seller, or investor are currently involved in what could possibly be one of the largest financial transactions in your life. It is imperative that you make decisions based on facts and knowledge. This is why engaging Key Building Consultants needs to be your number one choice.

Building Inspections

A Pre Purchase building inspection report investigates all components of construction in a property. This report will ensure the property that you are purchasing will have no visible structural defects or maintenance items that may be costly if not exposed prior to the settlement of the home. It includes a visual inspection of the plumbing and electrical installations focusing on safety issues.

By using our services, you can move into your new home with complete confidence in knowing the structural condition of the property, and knowing what maintenance repairs may be required. All reports are done in accordance with the current Australian Building Codes and Standards. All reports can be modified to accommodate your specific requirements.

When first inspecting a Strata property for sale that you may intend to purchase, it is equally important and recommended that you perform a defect inspection not just on the unit itself, but also on the common property i.e. the overall unit or apartment block in which the unit is situated.

Building inspections require an ample amount of time to really get to the details. Our building consultants have extensive knowledge in the industry and take the time to fully investigate your property without any time constraints. They have;


  • Extensive knowledge and understanding of construction principles, the Building Codes of Australia (BCA) and the Australian Standards
  • Technical qualifications in building
  • Considerable practical experience in all areas of residential building and construction
  • Specialist training in the inspection and reporting of building related problems, issues and  defects


This attention to detail along with our commitment to deliver comprehensive reports differentiate us from our competitors. We give you complete peace of mind knowing that nothing is left to chance.

For our building inspection services, we offer a 24-hour turnaround from when our specialists conduct the inspection. Your structural pre-purchase building inspection report will then be emailed to you once payment has been confirmed. We can even send a hard copy of the report upon request for an additional fee.

“Private building inspectors do not require registration or licensing in New South Wales, so it is important to check their experience and credentials prior to engaging them. The quality of some Building Consultants has been heavily criticised by the Building Disputes Tribunal so it is important to choose wisely.”

As we dedicate ourselves to building a reputable brand in building inspection in Sydney , Key Building Consultants makes sure our clients get the correct advice and the best value for their money. We have the necessary certification as registered builders and memberships with recognised associations in the industry.

Combined Building & Pest Inspections

Key Building Consultants can take the hassle out of arranging a separate Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection, by offering a cost effective Combined Building & Pest Inspection package.

A Combined Building & Pest Inspection allows for the property to be examined from both perspectives, ensuring the adequacy of the property’s structural and general condition and also identifying any underlying termite activity or damage that may be present.

Access to subfloors should be made available before the inspection.  The Pest Inspection is carried out to Australian Standard AS 4349.3 by our pest Inspector.  You will receive a thorough detailed report outlining:


  • Any current termite activity
  • Prior termite damage
  • Conditions prone to termite attack


We combine the Pest Inspection with our Pre-Purchase Building Inspection and aim to carry out both inspections on the same day at the same time.

It is important that you carry out termite inspections on your property because the result of termites being infested in your property can be catastrophic. Termites can create a large amount of damage and the problem is that it doesn’t take long, so this is something you should take seriously.

The last thing you want is to move into a newly bought home only to discover a few months down the track that there is a major termite infestation in your home. Your newly bought house will then become seriously damaged and it is going to cause a lot of stress for you that could have been avoided by simply getting a professional company to carry out a termite inspection.

When you contact us for a Visual Timber Pest Inspection, we will send a trained and licensed technician to inspect the interior and exterior of your home. This inspection will include the roof void, the sub floor area and any fences, sheds or garages you may have on the property. At the end you will receive a comprehensive report, detailing the technicians findings in regards to past and present termite activity on your property. It will also include a report on the current condition of your property as it relates to any past termite activity.