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Combined Building, Pest and Asbestos Identification reports

Combined Building and Pest reports

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Special Purpose Property Inspection
New Construction Final Inspection Reports

Defect Rectification Costing
New Construction Defect Inspection Report

New Construction Frame Inspection Reports

Pre-Purchase Building Inspections

Key Building Consulatants  inspection reports service the Sydney metro area and our reports are very descriptive. What’s includes is; the site up to 30m, the exterior, the roof exterior, the roof void, the sub floor areas for timber floor construction and the entire interior room by room. They also include photographs of defects and any other problems we find.

This report is a thorough visual search to identify existing and potential problem. The purchaser you, are now in a better negotiating position with the selling Agent and are able to make an informed decision. As you would imagine Agents vendors don't like what we find but you need to know. The outcomes could include renegotiate, repairs carried out by the vendor, or a price reduction, prior to the purchase or alternative may not buy the house.

Our pre purchase report will identify properties that have been constructed or repaired in a non tradesman like manner.  This is important and is information that could indicate an “owner builder” construction. Owner builder constructions, repairs and alteration can indicate poor construction techniques and could lead to issues as the building ages. Owner builders, as with professional builders must issue a Home Warranty Certificate.

Pre-Purchase Pest Inspections.

In the industry, a Termite Inspection is also known as a Visual Timber Pest Inspection. During this it can determined whether there is or have ever been termite infestations on a property. According to the Australian standard AS 4349.3 & AS3600-2000, it is recommended that a competent visual timber pest inspection be done every six months. The reason for these inspections is that timber pests can cause a lot of damage to a property in a relatively short amount of time. The only way to circumvent this, is to have a termite inspection and if termites are found, to treat the area immediately to prevent any further damage.